LOVE BITES “Firsts” Review

LOVE BITES "Firsts" Episode 1 – Because of the rumors I had heard about Love Bites being doomed before it hit the airwaves, I had expectations of disaster. I’m not really an expert on the sexy-romantic-dramedy genre of TV but I was excited to see Becki Newton on TV again, so I prepared myself for the worst and sat down with my remote. I ended up being pleasantly surprised.

As we’re introduced to all the characters, we’re shown how their lives are all loosely connected across the country. I loved seeing New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Miami (even if it was just the airport) in their romanticized beauty. If the opening credits are any indication, I’m thinking that various cities across the United States will become settings for Love Bites which will turn out to be a pretty cool feature of the show. There are a lot of stories being told and for the most part, the writing is OK. I liked all three mini-stories that were told, but I felt like the Carter-Liz story went on a little longer than it needed to and I got bored with their "Maserati" bit after a while. There were moments where some of the set-ups and lines felt awkwardly scripted and a few of the pop culture references seemed like they were crammed in unnecessarily, which made the pacing stumble a bit. Read More...


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