South Park: "City Sushi" Review

Ah, another Butters episode. The adventures of little Mr. Stotch are often some of South Park's best fare. But, despite a few nice jokes and one helluva plot twist, this episode still didn't hold up to expectations. In this week's story, Butters causes an "asian turf war", as age old bad blood between Japan and China comes out strong. It's City Wok versus City Sushi, as Lu Kim takes on South Park's new Japanese resident, who is the latest stereotypical caricature in the show's storied history. This story also takes advantage of an American stereotype: that your average Joe has no knowledge of the various cultural differences of eastern countries and lumps everybody into one Asian bucket. So we have a stereotype trifecta as Chinese, Japanese, and American people all get ragged on for their foibles, but it's all fairly tame by South Park standards. There are some decent highlights that made me smile, like the "treaty" gag, and the Pearl Harbor joke, but for the most part this plot thread feels uninspired and unremarkable. The antics between City Wok and City Sushi are old within the first five minutes of the episode, but it just keeps goingRead More...


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