The Bee Movie

The Bee Movie, which is meant for the young, is a movie for all ages. While it entertains the young, it pokes fun at the adult. It is a very funny movie about a bee who is the first from his hive who spoke to a HUMAN (apparently bees can speak, and they're not allowed to speak to humans). From speaking to the human, he learns that humans take honey from the busy bees, and produce it on a massive scale. The bee, played by Jerry Springfield, whose name is Barry B. Benson, sues humans for captivating bees in farms, and producing honey for commercial purposes. It also shows that without bees humans have no way of surviving, as the most important products bees need for producing honey (flowers) will be no more. In all its a great movie, with a great character, who learns from his mistakes, and who in all is just funny. This is a great movie, really portrays bees at their best, and not the scary bugs we think of them, their quite cute. Its a must watch movie of the month.


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