'The Killing' - 'Missing': The long detour

'The Killing' - 'Missing': The long detour

A review of tonight's "The Killing" coming up just as soon as my password is "funyuns"... 

"Some things you can't fix. Maybe they just stay broke." -Holder

At first glance, "Missing" almost seems like a parody of an episode of this show. Whatever plot advancement there is - and there really isn't any, since the end of the previous episode already all but told us that Rosie had been to the casino - takes place in the opening and closing scenes, while the episode's very long middle section features Holder and Linden going around in circles, not accomplishing anything. (They don't even find Jack; he just comes home.) I'm assuming that, as with most primetime dramas today, the producers didn't have every actor under contract for every episode, and decided to get the entire supporting cast's absence out of the way in one go, and came up with a side story that would provide an excuse for not checking in on Richmond or the Larsens for a week.  Read More...



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