'Game of Thrones' recap: Unleash the Direwolves of War

Imagine if you're at lunch chatting with co-workers and all of a sudden a bunch of sword-wielding psychotics rush into the break room and start killing everybody. That's the feeling we get in these chaotic opening scenes of Game of Thrones Episode 8, "The Pointy End," which pick up right where we left off as the Lannisters purge the Stark household from Kings Landing with extreme prejudice.

This week, all hell broke loose: There were direwolf attacks, sword fights, deaths, zombies (!) and full-frontal Hodor (!!). And for a show that can often seem disjointed due by having so many storylines unfolding in different locations, this was the most cohesive episode we've seen yet, as the entire realm was impacted by Ned Stark being arrested for treason. Read More...



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