Limitless - SideReel Review

After years of minor TV and "best friend" roles, Hollywood realized that Bradley Cooper may not just be a really really (REALLY) good looking guy with amazing blue eyes. And if he can prove himself to be more than just the hot "bad-boy" we saw in The Hangover, Bradley Cooper may find himself becoming one of the biggest names in Hollywood. Limitless is his opportunity, and teaming with Robert De Niro and Abbie Cornish makes this all the more likely to happen.
Like many of my favorite movies, Limitless starts at the end and then brings us up to that point so we can move forward. The storyline isn’t too complicated: Bradley Cooper’s character, Eddie, starts taking a magical pill that allows him to access his entire brain- thus become super-smart which leads him to become super-wealthy and moves him from loser to the bigshot. But like every man who gets to the top, there are always people that are going to want to bring him down- be it other junkies, hit-men, or dealers. Everyone wants a piece of him.
Many parts of this film were shot in a cool, zooming, fastfoward type motion, which allows us as viewers to try and understand the type of intense feelings Eddie experiences on this magical drug- although, I’ve never taken speed, I imagine that this drug is kind of like that. The plot’s fairly simple, so we’re not expected to think too much, just enjoy the ride- and I did.
So, is Bradley Cooper a strong enough actor to carry a feature film? In this case, yes. Is he a good actor in general? I cannot answer this question, he’s just too good looking.

- Yael Tygiel


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