Unforgiving Ship Injures Chief Engineer on 'Whale Wars' (VIDEO)

Chief Engineer Campbell Holland said it pretty well on 'Whale Wars' (Fri., 9PM ET on Animal Planet) when he described the ship by saying, "Everything's steel around here, so it's pretty unforgiving on you."

Holland found this out first-hand when he was inspecting a fuel leak. While he was up in a corner inspecting the situation, the ship hit a swell and he found his skull knocked against a jagged edge of steel.

While it looked worse than it was, the blood streaming down the side of his head was a solid reminder that you have to be vigilant at all times when working in an environment like this. Especially with the seas rocking the ship constantly, it's essential to know where your body is and where the components of the ship are in proximity to you. Read More...



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