Arthur - SideReel Review

Arthur is remake of a 1981 film of the same name, which stars Russel Brand in the title role and Helen Mirren as his nanny, Hobson. The character of Arthur is described as a wealthy, playboy, man-child. I feel it more appropriate to classify him as Charlie Sheen with a conscience; a lovably drunken bafoon. The story is simple: This "lovable drunken man-child bafoon" has lots of money and, because he will inherit the family fortune and company, he must grow up and behave appropriately. Thus his mother decides that he’ll marry a woman to control him and take care of the company. But of course, this happens just as he falls in love with someone else (who isn’t wealthy)- I know, how could he?!

The trailer did reveal a handful of jokes, which made me skeptical of the film – but I was pleasantly surprised. Russel Brand’s witty commentary was expected, but Helen Mirren’s crass sarcasm floored me. She is hilarious, and dare I say, on par with the notoriously raunchy Betty White. Jennifer Garner also plays a part in this film (as the evil Susan who Arthur must marry) and she wears it well. But the real unexpected twists came from the moving moments. I’ll tell you, I was not prepared. So heed my warning: If you cry at movies, bring a box of tissues. Not just a little to-go pack, because I was crying the entire 2nd half of the film. Non- stop.

All in all, I’d recommend this movie if you’re looking for something to do and not have to think to much. Its a comedy, its not too british (ie even the not so bright ones will understand the humour), and in the end we all learn a valuable lesson.


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