BOARDWALK EMPIRE ''Nights in Ballygran'' Review Episode 5

Margerat bakes a soda bread for Nucky, but he completely dismisses her. Both the dismissal by Nucky and Margaret's reaction to it is understandable. She heads to the Women's Temperance League, where she learns about the devil elixer and volunteers Nucky's help. She brings news of a delivery of beer barrels to Nucky, who promises to shut it down, though again he assures her that it is not personal favor. When he fails to keep her promise, she goes to confront him (all dressed up)...but he refuses to see her.

So she goes to see Agent Van Alden with the information. He is unimpressed; he already has the location of 117 storage houses for alcohol. The information she eventually gives him impresses him, and hopefully Nucky will have learned his leasson that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

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