DOCTOR WHO “The Almost People” Review

DOCTOR WHO "The Almost People" Season 6, Episode 6 – After the mind blowing developments in the last 5 minutes of this Doctor Who episode, it’s kind of difficult to want to talk about anything else but I’ll do my best and get to all that in a bit.

We picked up right where we left off from last week with The Doctor and Ganger Doctor working side by side. I loved the moment Ganger Doctor went through all of the past regenerations of The Doctor. That moment was a great example of why I’ve come to adore Matt Smith as The Doctor in his own right. He’s got an incredible ability to make me feel a roller coaster of emotions in the blink of an eye. No matter how much time I spend watching him, I feel like I’ll never really know him. In one moment he’s brilliant, funny and adorable and within seconds he’s creepy, dark and terrifying. Somehow I’m in love with The Doctor and equally frightened of him which is exactly how I think I would feel if I had met TheDoctor in real life. It was thrilling to watch him ramble through the lines from previous Doctors and to hear some old voices come out of his mouth. The bit with the 10th’s voice coming through and saying "Hello, I’m The Doctor" only to have 11th’s voice return and shout "No! Let it go! We’ve moved on!" was total brilliance. Read More...


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