CAMELOT “The Battle of Bardon Pass” Review

CAMELOT "The Battle of Bardon Pass" Season 1 Episode 9 – CAMELOT was back on Starz this week with a new episode called "The Battle of Bardon Pass", and we got to see just what kind of resultMorgan’s shenanigans caused.

At the end of "Igraine", Morgan (wearing the queen’s face), came toe to toe with Igraine herself. Thequeen had escaped castle Pendragon, and as you can imagine seeing her doppelganger staring back at her wasn’t the easiest thing to cope with.

Poor Igraine believes she is going mad, and Morgan does nothing to stop her thinking. Instead Morgan, now wearing her own face, returns to her rightful castle while Igraine attempts to piece together what happened. She does sound like a raving lunatic, especially to poor Merlin. She tells him her story of being held captive, and Merlin explains that they were actually together last night, which of course, Igraine has no recollection of. Read More...


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