Game of Thrones: "The Pointy End" Review

Beware: Full spoilers for the episode follow. Hodor's ghostly dong, this was a busy episode. Before you all freak out, an 8.5 is not a bad score. We're all well aware that every episode of this HBO adaptation is fairly excellent, so there has to be a teensy bit of wiggle room here. And so as great as "The Pointy End" (written by author George R. R. Martin himself) was, there have been better episodes. Not by much, mind you. Past episodes have left out Jon, TyrionArya and Daenerys. This one, for the most part, left out Ned and focused on everyone else's tale. Yes, aside from a scene with Varys towards the beginning, Ned was pretty much left to sweat and fester down in dungeon shackles and "The Pointy End" focused on much of the fallout that surrounded his imprisonment. Jon learning of it at the Wall, Robb calling forth the Stark Bannermen to war against the Lannisters and Catelyn supporting her son as he prepared for battle.  Read More...


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