Camelot: "The Battle of Bardon Pass" Review

Merlin has been a bit thick headed the last couple of episodes. In "Igraine", it was more than a little strange that he couldn't piece together that Igraine wasn't behaving like herself. He may not have been able to pick up on the fact that Igraine was Morgan, but he could have at least acknowledged that something unusual was going on. For a wise old character, he's a little slow to pick things up sometimes. 

This week, Merlin makes another poor decision by taking Igraine and storming Pendragon castle to arrest Morgan. Merlin has been to Pendragon previously and seen that she has built a small army. How did he possibly think he could just walk in there and arrest her? He's spending far too much time locked away in his study or accidentally killing children to see what is really going on.  Read More...


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