Is Castle Getting Too Dark For A Dramedy TV Show?

castleIt has been a few weeks since the season 3 finale of the ABC’s hit show Castle aired and I believe we all had time to process everything that happened in "Knockout". It is mostly a consensus that the episode was easily one of the best of the series so far – the very best, in my opinion – but it was a departure from Castle’s usual dramedy tone. That, honestly, is no surprise because the episodes that deal with Beckett’s mom’s murder are usually more dramatic and intense.

However, after I posted a review of season 3 a week after the finale had aired, the comments area was immediately overflowing with people’s concerns about the show choosing a too dark path and that it would be hard to keep the consistency of the original premise if it suddenly became a full out drama. "Knockout" was obviously a very different episode and it was a lot more emotional than the previous ones. Captain Montgomery was revealed to be a traitor and ended up getting killed in an attempt to redeem himself and save Beckett’s life. In the end, his sacrifice didn’t really do anything as Beckett was shot during his funeral, which prompted Castle to declare his love for her, leaving us with one hell of a cliffhanger. Read More....


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