Game of Thrones: What Does Syrio Forel Say to the God of Death?

game of thronesI just can't decide whether Syrio Forel is dead or not.

It's a relatively minor question in the Game of Thrones mythology, granted. The more pressing questions for the show's audiences are probably "Will Joffrey have Ned executed?" or "Will Robb win his battle against Tywin Lannister?" And while I could answer those for you, I'll just let you wait until next week's episode, "Baelor," to find out (by the way, if there's an episode of this series not to miss, it's "Baelor"). I'm more interested in discussing the questions that haven't been answered in the books yet. Syrio's fate is one of those questions.

We followed Arya's perspective during the first scenes of the series, but she doesn't know if Syrio fell victim to the sword of  Ser Maryn Trant or if he escaped -- she was too busy escaping herself. It's natural that she doesn't find out if Syrio's dead; she's running through darkened corridors in King's Landing right now. But the fact that we never got confirmation of Syrio's death is a little strange, isn't it? Read More...


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