Game of Thrones Promo: Episode 9 “Baelor”

game of thronesWar is coming to Game of Thrones in the June 12 episode.  Given what happened in the most recnt episode, that should not be surprising.

Ned Stark is now imprisoned in the dungeons.  The Lannisters are in full control of King's Landing.  After Stark was captured, Lannister soldiers were sent to seize his daughters.  Arya managed to escape, but Sansa was brow-beaten into following the orders of Cersei and her allies.  She wrote to her brother Robb to let him know that their father is now being held for treason.

News of King Robert's death and Ned's charges of treason spread quickly.  Catelyn heard of it while still visiting with her sister Lysa, who refused to offer her soldiers to help Cat and Ned.  Robb heard of it in Winterfell and has decided to round up his own army of his father's allies and march to King's Landing to face the Lannisters and try to save his father.  Even Jon Snow heard of it while at The Wall and wants to leave in order to help his family. Read More...


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