MAD MEN ''Tomorrowland'' Review Season 4, Episode 13

Mad Men has always been about Don and even more so this season as we have watched him struggle with his demons and then try to change his life and his ways. In perhaps the biggest shocker of this episode, Don decides to take another step in becoming a new person by asking Megan, his secretary to marry him. I have to say I never saw that coming. How did this come about? Who is to blame? One might say this turn of events falls squarely on Betty's shoulders. After the children's nanny, Carla, allows Glenn Bishop to go upstairs and say goodbye to Sally in a rather touching scene, he runs right into Betty on the way out. Betty will not have her authority undermined and fires Carla on the spot despite the fact that she has been with the family since Sally was born. Betty also tries to make herself feel better by putting down Carla's parenting skills, however, she wisely silences herself when Carla firmly tells her not to go there. How did this set things into motion for Don? Well, he no longer had a nanny to accompany he and the children on the trip to California where he was going to visit Stephanie, take a few meetings and take the children to Disneyland. Megan tries to round up some sitters for him, but Don gets the brilliant idea to double her salary and take her along.

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