'White Collar' Season 3 preview: Neal is a criminal at heart

"White Collar," featuring everyone's favorite pairing of con man Neal Caffrey and FBI Agent Peter Burke, returns for its third season on USA Tuesday night (June 7). Star Matthew Bomer, who plays Neal on the show, says on "Regis and Kelly" where we can expect to see Neal and Peter when the show picks up."Neal, basically at the end of the second season, came upon pretty much the score of a lifetime - close to a billion dollars worth of art and treasure. He's accused of stealing it by his partner, which creates a rift in their relationship," says Bomer. "Season 3 is about really his decision - is he gonna take the big score or is he gonna stay and uphold his duties with the FBI. He's treading a razor's edge figuring out what to do ... It's nature vs nurture, what is Neal at heart? And that's a criminal."We're excited to see the...



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