Two Families Learn Their Daughters Were 'Switched at Birth' (VIDEO)

In a premise out of a parent's worst nightmare, 'Switched at Birth' (Mon., 9PM ET on ABC Family) explores what would happen if you found out your family wasn't your family. As it was explained to the Kennish family, "It's extremely rare, but it happens. You took home someone else's baby."

Now imagine you're finding this out when your daughter is a teenager and you've got the basic premise of this new series that seems a perfect fit for the ABC Family lineup of teen-oriented dramas.

The two girls switched at birth come face-to-face, as do their parents. Now it's about figuring out what kind of life you make out of this difficult situation. How do you go forward when your questioning your own path. To complicate things, Bay's life was one of privilege, while deaf Daphne was raised by a single, struggling mother.


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