'The Bachelorette' recap: When Idiots Attack

First, rose lovers, a warning: I've contracted a hideously offensive virus from the pestilence-ridden disease bomb toddler who shares my home, so if I seem crankier than usual (hard to imagine, I know), that's why. But if there's any week to be cranky, it's this one, right? Let's get to it!

Chris, making yet another daring sartorial statement with a zip-up black sweater-thing, greets the "men" at Casa Bachelorette to drop off the date card, which is addressed to Ben C. Quick: can anyone tell me ANYTHING about this guy? (And "lawyer" doesn't count -- it says that much on the screen.) All I can tell you is he's hoping that today, he and the Bachelorette will begin their "journey to love." Either he's been coached well, or this guy is custom-made for Ashley. Read More...



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