'White Collar' Season 3 premiere: A 'Phoebe Cates' and the stolen Nazi loot


After last season's cliffhanger of priceless Nazi-plundered art seemingly going ka-boom, then popping up in a storage locker from an anonymous source, the "White Collar" Season 3 premiere is back and guess who stole the art? Mozzie. Which should have come as less of a surprise than it did, I think.Mozzie comes clean as the thief to Neal and they decide to run with the loot. Peter's big clue to who stole the stuff is the scrap of one of Neal's paintings he saw at the explosion. It turns out Mozzie used Neal's art in the swap so the forensic tests would find paint and canvas in the warehouse and Neal is sweating. Peter can't go to the Bureau with his suspicions yet, so Elle offers to call in a favor at a gallery to test the scrap and see if it's old or new.Neal and Moz decide to swap the scrap out for one...



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