'America's Got Talent': Carlton Baltimore the Paper Horn Man caps a less than stellar hour


The auditions continue in Seattle for "America's Got Talent." Can anyone live up to Team iLuminate from last week's premiere (Spoiler alert: Turns out the answer is no, at least not in Seattle).Melissa Villasenor kicks things off with a stand-up comedy routine. Wow, bold. You really don't see a lot of female comics, not relative to the number of men,especially one who does impressions. Her bit starts with Barbara Walters talking to Natalie Portman and it's not bad, though her Barbara is perhaps Cheri Oteri doing Barbara. Her Miley Cyrus is OK. Her Kathy Griffin is amazing - like, spooky good. Her Xtina is more Cher than Xtina, but still - she's good, she deserves to go through.   The next act are the A+C Twins, who are dressed like they've got a great act to do but it turns out they can't sing and their dancing looks like what Zack busted out for Jessie...



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