'The Voice' recap: It's A Live (Show)!

With apologies to EW DANCMSTR Annie Barrett -- this week, The Voice finally wentliiiiiiiive, and what a show it was. That tricked-out, fog-filled, lightsaber-ready stage! Those ridiculous, ridiculous backup dancers! The increasingly irritating interruptions from Alison Haislip, Official V-Correspondent®™©! And then, of course, there were the performances themselves, which ran the gamut from fabulous to fabulously awkward. (Poor Xenia, amiright?) Though the broadcast lasted a full two hours, it managed to move fairly quickly, and it wasn't nearly as bogged down with filler as I feared it'd be.

Well, maybe that's not totally true. But hey, at least the filler was entertaining. I could watch Team Christina perform the crap out of "Lady Marmalade" over and over again, and I plan to do just that as soon as video of their rendition hits the World Wide Web. (My one complaint: Nobody did the Lil' Kim rap or imitated her grunting "hey, hey, hoh-hoh-hoh-hoh-hoh-hoh-hoh," two moments scientifically proven to be the best parts of "Lady Marmalade.") Read More...



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