'Men of a Certain Age' - 'The Pickup': Will it go round in circles?

A review of tonight's "Men of a Certain Age" coming up just as soon as I do a monologue from "Nightmare on Elm Street"... 

"I thought it was something different, you know? I thought I was something different." -Terry

I once interviewed David Milch not long after the end of an "NYPD Blue" season in which Sipowicz fell off the wagon, hard, following the murder of his son. I asked Milch why, dramatically speaking, he had Sipowicz get so self-destructive, so quickly, rather than gradually easing himself into it and getting more mileage out of the idea. Milch, who's a recovering addict himself, explained that it doesn't work that way (or never did in his case) - that when you start using/drinking again, you tend to start out at the level you were at the last time you were sober, if not worse. Read More...



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