Former Doctor Who David Tennant "Minimized" In Fright Night? Hell No!

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If you are a Doctor Who fan you might have felt a strange tingling in the time space continuum earlier, that was the rumor that Doctor Who icon David Tennant's role as Peter Vincent in Fright Night, the schlocky horror host come vampire slayer played by Roddy McDowell in the original, was disappointingly small in the remake to be released in August.  I've known for quite some time that this is not true for a couple of reasons:  for one, I have read the script for the remake and if anything Vincent kicks much more ass than McDowell's honorable original version; and second,  I've read several screening reports for Fright Night that confirm Tennant is in no way watered down and is in fact as epic as you would expect the former Doctor Who to be.  So relax.  Doctor Who fans will get plenty of Tennant when Fright Night hits the screen. Read More...


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