Jon Stewart Says Herman Cain Does Not Like to Read (VIDEO)

Herman Cain, successful businessman and candidate for the Republican Presidential nomination, has an interesting suggestion for speeding up the legislative process: "Small bills." In his opinion, only bills three pages or less should be allowed.
'The Daily Show' (Weeknights, 11PM ET on Comedy Central) host Jon Stewart took this to mean that Cain is anti-reading. Having chastised him for offering "real solutions to fictional issues," Stewart played a clip in which Cain advanced his idea for short bills.
Referring to a bill that was allegedly 2,700 pages long, Cain said "You and I didn't have time to read it. We're too busy trying to live." Stewart carried on with the theme, saying that if Cain's elected as President everything will have to be shorter: "Treaties will have to fit on the back of a cereal box ... The State of the Union Address will be delivered in the form of a fortune cookie."


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