'The Glee Project' Video: Introducing Lindsay

It's not every day you're up for a part on one the world's biggest shows, but that's exactly what Lindsay is doing on 'The Glee Project' (Sun., June 12 at 9PM)

The self-professed theater kid, currently vying for a guest role on 'Glee' on Oxygen's new reality series, said she once struggled to fit in -- that is until she found her fellow drama kids.

"I very much used theater as an escape," Lindsay said, "because it was like I was so unaccepted and I was so just like disgusted."

Lindsay, who's from Modesto, Calif., said she didn't want to go to school because her peers didn't understand her.

"Ever since I started watching 'Glee,' I feel like I am part of New Directions because I went through that, I went through that wanting, wanting more," she said. "Being part of something special makes you special."


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