LOVE BITES “How To” Review

LOVE BITES "How To" Season 1, Episode 2 – This week I watched Love Bites with a different set of expectations. After the pilot, I got a better idea of what style of storytelling the show was aiming for and with my adjusted attitude going in, I think I was able to relax and enjoy each story without getting too wrapped up in trying to keep all the characters and their connections straight.

The first story, "Banana Bread," brought us back to Annie’s restaurant and introduces us to her friend, Jodie. Jodie (played by an absolutely adorable Michelle Trachtenberg) was dumped by Charlie (played by an equally charming Bret Harrison) using the old line, "I think we work better as friends." I loved the way the two sides of this story were depicted, comparing the conversations Annie and Jodie were having against the conversations Charlie was having with his friends. I had to laugh when the guys discussed the gravity of the banana bread situation while the girls believed it to be a non-issue. Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, I guess. Read More...


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