I'm just going to be blunt here- this movie was a waste of my time. If any of you happen to read this review before watching the movie, I seriously (I'm not lying one single bit) suggest just NOT watching it at all. I'll give you the honest-to-God plot here:

-Guy gets thrown a 'going-away' party

-Guy gets involved in drama while at the party

-"Half-assed Godzilla type monster" attacks city

-Everyone runs.

-Guy and co. finds out his brother is dead.

-Guy and co. decides to attempt to rescue the bitch he got involved with the drama in at the party. She lives halfway across the city.

-For some fucking reason, it takes 3/4 of the movie to find the bitch.

-Everyone in the small group slowly dies off.

-Guy and the bitch eventually die together and their last exchange of words being "I love you."

Honestly, I'd give this movie a 3/10. If you've read any of the other reviews, this movie is shitty because:

A) Shitty camera work. Seriously, any director that thinks this is a good idea... should be shot.

B) They never describe the monster to you. At all. Just that it attacked the city and "it's fucking huge."

C) Shitty camera work.

D) The plot to this movie was incredibly dull. It seems like Abrams just wanted to make a 'bad ass' movie and thought of the entire movie in less than 20 minutes.

E) Shitty camera work.

F) Very, very, VERY cliche ending.

G) Shitty camera work.

H) No REAL plot. Fun times, monster attacks, everyone tries to dip the fuck out except for the 'hero' of the story who dies anyway.

I) Incredibly shitty camera work.

All in all, this movie was garbage. Probably the worst movie in history if you ask me.



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