'Doctor Who' Review: River Song's Identity is Revealed

No show on television is as fascinating to follow as BBC's Doctor Who, and Saturday's mid-season finale, "A Good Man Goes to War," proved why. The episode brought back a number of characters from past seasons as the Doctor called on old debts to help him in his quest to rescue the kidnapped Amy Pond and her new baby, Melody.

But that's not all. The episode also answered the single biggest mystery on Doctor Who: Who is River Song? Viewers first met the enigmatic companion of the Doctor played by Alex Kingston three years ago in season 4, when she died. Due to the show's complex time travel, River and the Doctor are in opposite timelines, so the first time he meets her is the last time she meets him. River has always warned the Doctor against spoilers, not giving away too many details about who she is and what her connection to him is. Read More...



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