'Game of Thrones' recap: The Killing

Wha-- what? Did they just-- Really?! Oh my-- you gotta be fu-- WHAT?!

Yes. They did. They really did it. And it was tragic and horrific and possibly unprecedented for a first-year TV show. And we're going to get into that. We're going to talk all about the killing in this post -- why it happened, why it arguably makes Game of Thrones a better story, how it might hurt (or help?) the program's popularity and how we want to do really evil things to a certain smirking sire.

But we must maintain order here. We have a story to recap and a ton of great stuff happened before the harrowing final act -- Tyrion plays a college drinking game, Drogo is suddenly on the brink of death and only black magic can save him (!) and Catelyn sells her daughter's virginity to pay a bridge toll (!!). We start with--

A prolonged moment in pure blackness. Like ending-of-Sopranos "did my cable just go out?" blackness. Then breath. Then flame. Read More...



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