'Game of Thrones' - 'Baelor': Get your head in the game

'Game of Thrones' - 'Baelor': Get your head in the game

A review of tonight's "Game of Thrones" coming up just as soon as I play a game that has the potential for losing fingers... 

"But I grew up with soldiers. I learned how to die a long time ago." -Ned

"The Wire" was often referred to as "a novel for television," and its seasons tended to be structured the same way many great novels are: slow going in the early chapters as you get to know all the players and stakes, but by the time you get towards the end, all you want to do is keep turning the pages (or turning on new episodes) faster and faster. (It's why I generally tell "Wire" novices not to sample the series unless they have three or four hours in a row available to sample a bunch of episodes at once.) 

"Game of Thrones" is even more literally a novel for television, and these last few episodes have reminded me very much of late-season "Wire" outings. I liked the early episodes a lot, but they had to shoulder a heavy burden of introducing us to this world, these people and all their conflicts and history. We're largely past all that now (though one of the best scenes in "Baelor" involves yet another history lesson), and now the story can just hurtle forwards, with the tension building and building as we witness one major event after another. Read More...



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