'The Killing' - 'Beau Soleil': I know what you did last weekend

'The Killing' - 'Beau Soleil': I know what you did last weekend

A review of last night's "The Killing" coming up just as soon as there's a swimming pool in my ceiling... "Maybe none of us knew her." -TerryOn the one hand, "Beau Soleil" - like last week's "Missing" - was a much stronger episode than we've gotten for the bulk of the season. With the finale only a week away, there's precious little time for messing around, which meant the show couldn't use its usual formula of two plot revelations bookending a whole lot of nothing. Significant things happened and were revealed this week, as we find out exactly what Rosie was up to that night, why she'd become so distant from Sterling, and get a line on who might have killed her. On the other hand, "Beau Soleil," only magnified many of my frustrations with the season's long, pointless middle section. I know Veena Sud told me that they were going to decide on the killer as the season went along, but this episode at least created the illusion that they knew from the start and were just marking time with Jasper, Bennet, Belko, etc., until they got to what actually mattered.  Read More...



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Jun 18, 2011 1:00PM EDT

The City Councilman appears to be Orpheus. It is obvious that he and Rosie got together from the photos that were given to his campaign manager. The question is did he really kill her, or did his campaign manager or aide murder Rosie to keep the affair from getting out of control OR was it because of the jealousy of his campaign manager. I don't think it was the Councilman. Seems too obvious.

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