LAW AND ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT "Cadavers" Season 10 Episode 6 – In this week’s episode a wealthy pharmaceutical donor named Ben Langston goes missing after a charity event in which he provides a massive twenty million dollar grant to one of three doctors seeking funding to, hopefully, research into eradicating a disease. The winner is child leukaemia. You’d think most people would be happy about this.but not one of the two losers, a guy called Sam, who is seen fighting passionately with Langston after the grant is delivered. Sam turns out to be Langston’s illegitimate son.

A body is found already dissected: a medical cadaver. Catch is, he’s a year old and he’s wearing Langston’s clothes. This leads Goren and Eames to a funeral home, where Langston’s body was already cremated. You have to hand it to the writers of Criminal Intent: this is delightfully twisty.

The subject matter of this episode was quite interesting. Young doctors whose lives are concerned with curing diseases such as heart disease and child leukaemia: hardly your regular bunch of drug pushers and jealous gold diggers which usually feature in these procedural shows. The questionable ethical morality echoed distantly throughout this episode. Read More...


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