GAME OF THRONES “Baelor” Review

GAME OF THRONES "Baelor" Season 1 Episode 9 – Ever since I heard that HBO was going to adapt George RR Martin’s series A Song of Ice and Fire for the television screen, a number of thoughts went through my head, mainly concerning the casting choices because above all, it’s the characters in A Game of Thrones I love the most. But one scene in the first book stood out to me and I’ve been itching to see how creators David Benioff and DB Weiss bring it to screen, and that is the beheading of Ned Stark. It’s the biggest twist in the books: Martin allows the reader to clutch on to Ned Stark as the central character. He may not be the protagonist, but he is certainly the central character: he brings the Lannisters and the Starks together. When HBO’s Game of Thrones started airing the promotional material, I was so fucking smug.

First of all, they cast Sean Bean in the role of Ned Stark. Bean is an actor with very naturalistic tendencies, and in a potentially showy role like Ned Stark, he was wonderfully low key and truthful. He is also a pretty famous actor and easily the most famous actor of the cast of Game of Thrones. So HBO focused all of their posters and promos around Sean Bean’s Ned Stark. Clearly, HBO was saying, Ned Stark is your Harry Potter, your Rand al’Thor, your Holden Caulfield. He is your unquestionable protagonist. Read More...


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