THE KILLING “Beau Soleil” Review

THE KILLING "Beau Soleil" Season 1 Episode 12 - Well. We’re one episode away from the conclusion of The Killing‘s first season and what a season it’s been. This episode launched us toward the finale with the revelation that Rosie Larsen may have been a high class ‘Beau Soleil’ escort, following in the footsteps of her aunt Terri. Could one of her clients have killed her?

It seems very likely. Holden uncovers a report from another escort of a client assaulting her. She didn’t give a name but it sounds a lot like Drexler, the billionaire, at first. Holder and Linden track down the Beau Soleil website servers and get data which gives them the suspect’s email address, as well as leads them to the assaulted escort. She’s reluctant to make an identification but she does tell Holder where to ‘find’ the suspect – in the form of Richmond’s posters plastered all over a wall. Meanwhile, Linden has gone to talk to Richmond about Drexler – and she finds an email she sent to the suspect’s email account in his inbox. Read More...


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