THE GLADES “Old Ghosts” Review

THE GLADES "Old Ghosts" Season 2 Episode 2 – In tonight’s episode, Longworth rekindles a partnership with his former colleague, Chicago detective Samantha Ryder, as they track a serial killer that they had both been hunting for a while. If this wasn’t complicated enough, both of them have history and Callie can’t help but notice it’s not really resolved.

The serial killer investigation was pretty intense as both detectives were tracking what seemed to be a pretty savvy killer. Although the whole savviness was somewhat diminished by the ridiculous way he was caught as he turned out to be Longworth’s pool guy. It seems unlikely that someone who seems so smart would get caught doing something so stupid. Quite frankly, the whole "I was doing this to get both of you together to kill you" reasoning seemed pretty thin to me. Read More...


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