CAMELOT “Reckoning” Review

CAMELOT "Reckoning" Season 1 Episode 10 (Finale) – WOW. That’s the first thing that jumps into my head in writing this review for the season finale of CAMELOT. Just… wow. Between the Arthur’s opening scene of defending Bardon Pass by himself, all the freaking death that occurred, and then the final scene of "Reckoning", this was just an episode that made my mouth hang open.

For the season finale, Starz gave us an episode to remember. Arthur has to defend Bardon Pass alone since he sent the rest of the calvary away. We all know he was doing it for redemption because of Guinevere, but regardless, Arthur turns into one crafty guy. He ends up single handedly destroying a few of Morgan’s men, and even capturing one to torture. The guy eventually sings like a canary (which you would do too if you’d been stabbed through the ankle, beaten on, and probably stabbed a few more times for good measure), and Arthur discovers that his sister isn’t the wonderful ally he initially thought she was (come on Arthur. Use your brain.). Read More...


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