It's A 'Train Wreck' On 'The United States Of Tara' June 7 Recap

Charmaine and Kate ask Tara why she hasn’t told Max about her new alter, Bryce. Bryce may be only 14, but he’s a homicidal maniac who’s been killing off the other alters, and tried to kill Dr. Hattaras through his allergy to seafood. Tara’s packed up all traces of Bryce, including the clothing of the ‘murdered’ alters, while taking heavy doses of her medication. Since Bryce has been forcing Tara to throw up the pills she’s swallowed, Tara is now snorting her meds. She doesn’t want to spoil Max’s trip, and has decided she’ll wait for his return, and his help in dealing with Bryce.

Kate fills Evan in on the latest misadventures in her family. He’s taken aback as she gives him too much information about Tara’s alters, but insists he can handle it. Later, Kate corners Evan in the airplane bathroom, and he apologizes for bringing his hyperactive son into their relationship. She says her own family are pretty hard to handle. Evan wants to redefine their relationship, make it more casual. In fact, should they date other people? Kate realizes that Evan wants to break up. Read More...


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