Recap: The bachelors are off to Phuket on 'The Bachelorette'

Are you still recovering from the ridiculous drama of "The Bachelorette" last week? I think Ashley, is, too, although I wish we could get that memory erasing gizmo from "The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" to flush Bentley completely out of her system. I’m guessing, if she’s watching these episodes, she’d probably go for it. Heck, she may be smashing away at her skull with an old garden brick as we speak. Not only must she want to wash that man right out of her hair, she probably wants to follow up with full body laser dermabrasion and a flea bath chaser.

 Chris Harrison tells the guys they’re all going to Phuket, Thailand, otherwise known as that place that got demolished by a tsunami. By the way, it’s pronounced PHOO-ket, so we can stop with the dirty jokes now. Anyway, the guys are all excited and fist bumping and having a collective frat boy moment. Ashley is excited to go, too, as she’s never been to Asia. But she can’t stop thinking about Bentley. She wishes he was going with her. She imagines what Phuket would be like with Bentley. I haven’t wanted to shake some sense into someone this badly since I first heard the name Paris Hilton.

 Ashley tells Annie, the concierge at the Renaissance Phuket, that she has twelve men she needs to take out on dates. Annie only looks slightly disgusted by the skanky American girl who apparently travels with a fleet of boy slaves. Read More...


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