24: Season 1 Episode 9: "8:00 AM - 9:00 AM"

Jack successfully gets himself arrested by the Secret Service guarding David Palmer. Jack admits to them that his daughter has been kidnapped and he was acting to save her life. Jack is concerned that by the time the truth is worked out, his daughter will be dead, so he escapes from custody. He manages to take a woman hostage to drive him away from the scene. Jack calls Nina and finds out that Jamey is the mole, and Jack instructs Nina to bring in her son. Jack waits with his hostage and finds himself being surrounded by Secret Service. He tries to get his hostage to help him escape, but instead, she points out where he is hiding.

Jamey, having been revealed as the mole, still will not cooperate with Nina until she receives immunity for her crimes. Instead, Tony and Nina threaten Jamey with the fact that her son will see his mother as a traitor. Jamey kills herself by slashing her wrists when they leave the room.

Teri and Kim remain at the compound. Eli attempts to rape Kim but Teri distracts him, saying that she will not fight him. She goes into the other room with him and is raped, but manages to steal his cellphone in the process. Teri attempts to call CTU with the phone.

David Palmer is informed the Jack Bauer is the man who "attempted" to kill him. This name seems familiar to him for some reason. David and Sherry continue to deal with the problem with their family that the secret about Keith's involvement in murder was covered up, and Sherry offers Kingsley another story to keep her for releasing this story.


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