24: Season 1 Episode 8: "6:00 AM - 7:00 AM"

Jack continues to be monitored by Gaines via earpiece. Jack returns to CTU and is instructed to replace the key card with the information that can expose Gaines with a fake card. Milo is working on encrypting that card, and Jack is forced to make a distraction in order to replace the card. Milo is not fooled, however, and believes that Jack is the reason he is unable to make any progress on the card. When Nina confronts Jack, Jack is forced to pull a gun on Nina and lead her out of CTU, via Gaines' orders. Jack drives Nina off and shoots her, but not before giving her a bullet-proof vest. She is unharmed.

Meanwhile, Teri has discovered that Alan York is actually Kevin, and manages to get out of the car with him. Kevin receives the message from Gaines that Teri knows who he is, and he goes after her. Teri is able to knock him out and tie him to a tree. She struggles to get cellphone reception, and when she does, her call is taken by Jamey, who promises to send help. When help arrives, they actually release Kevin and take her hostage again.

David Palmer tries to deal with the problems facing his family by asking both his son Keith and daughter Nicole to stand by him while he releases the story about Gibson's death to the press. Neither are particularly interested in this course of action. Sherry also continues to look for ways to protect her family's secrets and her husband's candidacy.


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