24: Season 1 Episode 10: "9:00 AM - 10:00 AM"

Teri again tries to call CTU with the phone stolen from Eli, and Milo tries to trace the call to locate where Teri and Kim are being held. Eli notices that the phone is missing and locates it when the battery beeps as it dies. Jack threatens Eli when he picks up the phone. Teri and Kim discuss Jack and Teri's relationship, and Teri seems to have been affected by the rape that occurred earlier by Eli.

Jack is able to discover that a man named Coffel is behind wire transfers to Jamey's account, and is presumably behind the assassination attempt and his family's kidnapping. CTU is able to narrow down which Coffel is responsible, and Jack rushes to the man's office to catch him before he leaves town. Jack is able to overtake Coffel's limo driver before Coffel arrives.

Andre Drazen contacts Gaines and asks why the Palmer assassination has not taken place yet. Gaines assures Drazen that the assassination will take place soon. Drazen is revealed as the money man behind the operation.

At CTU, Jack is replaced by Alberta Green, who apparently is not on good terms with Nina. Nina keeps from Alberta that she has spoken to Jack, who is considered a fugative. Alberta is aware of Nina's past with Jack and is untrusting of what Nina says.

David Palmer is concerned that the political situation with the accusations against his son are deepening. Sherry tries to get Carl to take care of the problem and Carl admits that he has already taken care of the biggest problem, seemingly destroying evidence that incrimidates Keith. David is contacted by one of his biggest supporters with allegations that Carl is taking matters of destroying evidence into his hands due to encouragement by several other supporters. David is not happy with this news and attempts to reign in the situation.


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