24: Season 2 Episode 3: "10:00 AM to 11:00 AM"

Jack continues on to CTU with Eddie and his gang to take down the operations. Kim calls in the middle of this, looking for help dealing with Gary. Jack is unable to tell her anything with Eddie nearby, so she calls Tony, who encourages her to come to CTU. Jack attempts to warn CTU but is unable to, so he tries to call the President, and is forced to leave a message with Lynne. She attempts to get the infomation to David, but the information is intercepted by Rayburn, who decides not to warn CTU, but to get all data backed up offsite instead.

David and his team continue to try to gather intel about what the threat will mean for LA. David holds a press conference which keeps him unavailable for Jack's call, warning about the imminent attack on CTU. Lynne finds out that Rayburn intentionally did not inform David about the attack, and she lets David know. David is upset that he was kept in the dark, and attempts to get word to CTU. Unfortunately, there are still a large number of people in the building when it explodes, right as Kim and Megan arrive on site.

Meanwhile, Mason has followed up on a lead regarding the bomb, and he is led to the warehouse where the bomb was being constructed by Marko. There is a shootout, and it appears as though radiation may have been released, so HAZMAT is called in to check out the situation. They confirm that Mason has inhaled a large dose of radiation and likely will not live another day.

Kate gets confirmation that Reza has had dealings with a terrorist, and is informed that this must be reported to Homeland Security. Kate keeps this information to herself.


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