Sarah Palin's Vacation Video Has Had Some Creative Editing (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin described her hugely publicized One Nation bus tour of the northeast as a "family vacation," not a campaign trail, so it seems logical that she's made a video of her vacation as a souvenir. Unlike most family vacation videos, however, this one's publicly available, and Jon Stewart has watched it.
After Palin seemed a bit confused about Paul Revere and his role in the American Revolution, her supporters were accused of trying to rewrite history to back up her theories. Now 'The Daily Show' (Weeknights, 11PM ET on COM) host wonders if they've also been indulging in some creative video editing.
Talking about what he called "the propagand-ie" video, Stewart was astonished by the way that the video's editors had managed to put together a collection of soundbites from reporters "while smoothly editing out any signs of their bewilderment or contempt. ... I guarantee you there's an editing floor littered with phrases like 'for some reason' and 'why?'"
After playing a clip in which reporters sound like they're finishing each other's sentences, Stewart wracked his brains trying to remember where he'd come across that technique before.


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