3:00 AM to 4:00 AM Season 1

Jack gets a lead from the key card for an address. As he gets ready to leave CTU, Mason orders a lockdown of CTU, but Jack manages to get out of the building before it is sealed. Tony admits to Nina that he is responsible for bringing Mason in as he feels Jack is acting irresponsibly. Mason attempts to get information from Nina regarding Jack, but she keeps all knowledge from him. When Jack arrives at the address on the key card, he finds a suspect there. A local cop helps him pursue the suspect, but the cop is taken hostage. During a struggle, the suspect shoots the cop, but is arrested by Jack. As the suspect is being taken to the police station, he tells Jack that he knows where his daughter is and he will help Jack find her if he gets him out of jail.

Meanwhile, Janet remains in the streets injured, and Kim tries to convince Dan and Rick to go back for her. Dan realizes that Janet could identify them if she is still alive, so they return to the scene to make sure she is dead. He is prepared to shoot her when an ambulance pulls up, so they rush out of the area. Meanwhile, Teri and Alan York are held up by the police after speeding, and Alan is restrained by the cop after disobeying orders. Finally, they are released and are able to pursue finding their daughters.

David Palmer is warned of an assassination threat, but he is not willing to take it seriously. David also tells Sherry that a news reporter, Maureen Kingsley, is making allegations that their son Keith was involved in the death of the man who had raped their daughter, and that the source was Keith's therapist. David begins to wonder if his son may have been involved in the death.


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