24: Season 1 Episode 11: "10:00 AM to 11:00 AM"

Jack attempts to interrogate Coffel with information that Nina is able to get to him regarding a profile that she was hastily able to assemble. Jack is able to get enough information from Coffel to learn of a meeting with Kevin Carroll, which Jack hurries to get Coffel to. In the transient, Coffel pulls a knife from a hiding place, which he uses to attack Jack when they arrived at the parking garage. When Jack overpowers Coffel, he goes into cardiac arrest, and Jack attempts to give him his pills to prevent death. However, Coffel spits out the pills and dies.

Nina uncovers that the connection between him and Palmer may lie in an operation that Jack ran about 2 years before then. Carroll arrives at the meet and Jack manages to get the upper hand, and gives up the location of Kim and Teri.

Meanwhile. Teri and Kim remain prisoners. Rick is sent into get information from them but returns without any, as he requests that they do not tell him anything so he cannot reveal any secrets. Later, Rick gives Teri Dan's gun. When Eli returns a short time later to kill them both, Teri shoots him.

David Palmer suspects Sherry has been in contact with Carl, and she admits that he has said he has "taken care of" certain evidence against their son. He is not happy with this admission but Sherry pushes back at him that he has not always been honest with her. Mike Novick reveals that he has been doing digging into Jack Bauer's record and noticed that a lot of it is classified. David speculated that there would be a gap approximately 2 years before, which Mike verified as true.


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