TEEN WOLF “Pack Mentality” Review

TEEN WOLF "Pack Mentality" Season 1 Episode 3 - Tonight’s TEEN WOLF was going the boring route of the second episode until the last scenes, where the show takes a new and promising direction. In "Pack Mentality" we learn several key details concerning the story. And I think we start to have a better understanding of the characters.

Scott is love-struck; and Stiles goes through an identity crisis. Was Stiles’ question about being attractive to gay guys a sly reference to the original Teen Wolf, a scene which would have been censored today? Then Stiles complains about always being Robin to Scott’s Batman. Beyond this, it’s good that Scott has everything in perspective when he finds that he didn’t kill Meyers. "I didn’t kill the man, so I can go out with Allison." Oh, yeah and now I know I won’t kill my afterthought of a friend, who has been helping me at every turn.

Did that little lesson by Derek on senses, sight and touch teach Scott what he needed to know about controlling his anger and ability to transform? It seemed to resolve a lot of his difficulties, namely kissing Allison without getting his wolf side hot and bothered. Wolves learn quickly with their primal memory. Read More...



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