24: Season 2 Episode 5: "12:00 PM to 1:00 PM"

Jack returns to CTU to complete his debriefing Mason is not happy that Jack is there considering that Nina is being transferred to CTU for questioning. Jack is called by Kim during his debriefing, and he convinces Kim to leave town because of the nuclear threat. Jack is also informed by David Palmer that Nina will be receiving a pardon in exchange for information regarding the threat. Jack figures out that Mason has radiation poisoning, and he blackmails Mason with that information for an opportunity to handle Nina.

Roger Stanton, the head of NSA and Rayburn's boss, arrives at the Palmer camp. He tries to convince David not to meet with the ambassador, but David decides to meet with him anyway. The ambassador shows evidence that his country has moved against Second Wave within the past few hours, but Stanton shows evidence that there is still activity going on in his country to the contrary. David decides to share some intel with the ambassador. As the ambassador leaves, his helicopter explodes.

Tony discovers a lead that connects Reza to Syed Ali, a terrorist. Reza and Kate return to the home, and Tony shows up to interrogate Reza regarding Ali. Reza denies any knowledge of the terrorists. Marie discovers that CTU is questioning Reza, and Kate admits this is her fault for raising suspicious, which angers her sister.


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