24: Season 2 Episode 1: "8:00 AM - 9:00 AM"

President David Palmer and his son Keith are spending time fishing when they are interrupted by an aide. David is informed that there is a nuclear threat in the Los Angeles area, and is briefed on the possible background of the threat. Jack Bauer is shown as a dissheveled man who is no longer working for CTU. David calls Jack personally to try to him to aid in the nuclear threat. Jack listens to David and goes to CTU.

Kim Bauer is living with a family, the Mathesons, as their babysitter. She is shown interacting with Jack and is obviously uncomfortable. She returns to her home afterwards and watches the daughter, Megan. The father, Gary, is shown as a somewhat aggressive man. Sounds of him getting upset with his wife reach Kim and Megan's ears. Gary comes to the door and asks if they heard any of the noise, but they said they were in the shower. Gary says that Carla, the mother, had an accident, and leaves to attend to business.

Jack is informed more about the threat after he arrives at CTU, and he warns Kim to get out of the city. Jack decides that he needs to help CTU locate the bomb. Jack had previously worked undercover with a man named Wald, who had connections to the suspected terrorist group Second Wave. Jack has CTU bring in a witness against Wald, a man named Goren, with the hopes that they can use him to locate Wald. When Goren arrives, however, he is unwilling to cooperate right off. Jack decides to kill him , and asks for a hacksaw, presumably to cut part of his body off. He also has a fake criminal record created.

Also, Reza and his fiancee, Marie Warner, are introduced. Marie has a sister Kate and father Bob, and they are preparing for Reza and Marie's wedding. Kate has had a private investigator checking out Reza's background, and he uncovers that Reza has had deals with a terrorist named Syed Ali. It is unclear if the business was legitimate or shady.


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